A Brief History of Rock

A Brief History of Rock: direction, production, editing and screenplay

Produced in just over two months, the short film documentary presents the history of rock and how it relates to generations behavior. The film is also a tribute to the 50 years of rock, and the release of “That’s All Right,” by Elvis , a recording considered the ground zero of the genre.

Production: Cinema Falado / Alessandra Bourdot
Direction/Screenplay/Voiceover: Alessandra Bourdot
Testimonials: Paulinho Moska, Odair Braz Jr., Carlinhos Borba Gato, Sérgio Casa Nova, Isadora Bourdot, Augusto Elesbão
Company; Cinema Falado / Alessandra Bourdot
Photography: Fábio Porcelli
Post production Marcelo Teixeira
Support: SESC Pompéia, JDM, Lilian Gonçalves


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