The Imaginary Friend

What is death? Why does it happen? Is there life after death? Where do we go next? Intriguing questions to adults are even more difficult to answer to Peter, eight years. But no one expected the help from a very special friend. Imaginary? Children know better.

As much as we try to be prepared, losing someone is always hard. At least, for me.

This book was my way of dealing with it. Although I was no longer a kid when I lost my friend, I wanted to tell the children not to be afraid of this “bogeyman”. Because the bogeyman will come. But it is not a monster, nor is bogeyman. We, adults, we are too impressionable..

For us, adults and children, who still have fear, I dedicate this book. And especially to my friend who pretended to be dead. Because no one really dies…

“The Imaginary Friend” is the story of Peter, an eight-year-old boy who. When he hears from his mother “Your brother is traveling,” he faces complicated issues. “Where did he go? Who is traveling, always comes back. Is he coming back?”.

2008: Clipping Release in São Paulo 
2012: Release Audiobook, Sinal Verde publisher.
2013: “The Imaginary Friend – the play”. Download the full text for theatre.


Title: O Amigo Imagnário
Publisher.: Toca Disc / Toquinha
Author: Alessandra Bourdot
Pages: 36
Size: 26 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-85-907878-0-8.
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