The Musical Notes Revolution

In the seven musical notes universe, an unexpected event: the C has fled.

To convince him to return to scale, since he no longer wants to be a musical note, the six remaining notes recall together, through musical numbers from various genres, all musical revolutions initiated by C and thus they relive the history of music .

This play originated from a study about chakras, the seven energy points distributed by the human body for a communication between the mind, body and spirit, possessing, each of them specific functions and features.

Each chakra “has” a color and it “vibrates” a sound that is directly related to the seven rainbow colors and the seven musical notes.

These characteristics have been adapted in order to simplify its understanding, for fun and at the same time, to awake the child audience for music.

Click here to download the full script of the play.

Listen or download the demo version of the soundtrack below or through Youtube
(Lyrics in Portuguese in the script)

This post is also available in Français and Português.